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Future Planning & Trustee Services

Supplementing the needs of many individuals with developmental disabilities, SCARC Guardianship Services, Inc. is also structured as a community trust agency, as set forth in the New Jersey Community Trust for Persons with Severe Chronic Disabilities Act of 1985. As a tommunity trust, we are also designed to:

  • Provide administration of special trust funds, pooled or individual, for persons with severe chronic disabilities
  • Provide follow-along services, such as advocacy, monitoring, and representative payeeship for the individual's government benefits
  • Provide guardianship services for persons who are incapacitated
  • As beneficiaries of community trusts, encourage the inclusion of persons who lack resources and whose families are indigent
  • Provide advice and counsel to those who are serving as guardian of individuals with disabilities

We are able to provide parents of individuals with disabilities peace of mind knowing that a means exists to ensure that the interests of their children are properly looked after and managed after the parents are no longer able to fulfill this important role.

At SCARC Guardianship Services, Inc. there are no minimum requirements and trusts can be funded through a life insurance policy and/or a family’s estate. The trust will NOT interfere with important government entitlements.

For more than 10 years, we have been planning for the financial future for many individuals with developmental disabilities, making sure they have adequate funds to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Additional information is available and can be obtained by contacting Linda McConville, SCARC Guardianship Services, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, at 973-383-5804 or lmcconville@scarcguardianship.org.

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